Wednesday, December 15, 2010


you know you have those days were you are super productive. every minute is devoted to completing a task. I love those days. I felt like today was one of those days.

I ran sunday, monday, tuesday was boot camp. I feel a mixture of emotions about my exercise right now. My running has been  a good feeling, b/c i finally feel like I am over the run 3 miles at 10 min miles. I do intervals, i will run for 4 miles on treadmill with negative splits. I know pushing myself will make me faster. It feels good to see how far I can push myself. I did NOT want to go to bootcamp. I had the little devil on my shoulder saying - stay home, why go, you could just do  this or that. But I went. I was not happy and ironlady (who is the instructor) even said, "smile" she could sense my mood. As usual I am glad I went. But I really want to turn around the feeling of "oh I don't want to go, dread dread" to "i am going b/c it is good for me, and i am strong." You know, turn the negative thoughts to the positive. I guess in some ways I know that the more strict schedule of training will be starting up and I should enjoy the laid back feel of working out right now.

by the way, ironlady killed us. i am sore. i swear i missed a week and i am sore ????

going to eat the crock pot chicken tonight. smells good. has beans, carrots, onions.

my weight seems to be going up. i know i have been horrible with sweets as usual. sometimes i am just amazed at how the sweets/carbs do really put the weight on. i joined up with sparkpeople and am going to try and count some calories. i might want to read racing weight.

only a few more presents and i will be done. however wrapping becomes a huge task in itself. we have everything hidden in the attic and i can only wrap when kids are not home. as of tomorrow my younger one is done with school til january - so her not home is not happening.

how do you turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts ?


  1. seriously. . . it is so hard isn't it.

    I just QUICKLY try to look around where ever I am and find 4 [you can pick more] things I am thankful for right at that VERY moments. I know it sounds lame but sometimes just having a trick up your sleeve --can equal a. . mind changer . . mood changer. works for me. :)

  2. Can I come get some of that chicken? Sounds delish! LOL!
    But seriously, great job getting out there. I ran 5.4 yesterday for the first time in sub 30 degree weather. brrrr.
    I can't even wrap with my 2 yr old at home b/c he would just want to play with everything. I saw pour a nice glass of wine, put on Desperate Housewives (or similar guilty please show)and wrap after they go to bed. That's what I have to do. LOL!


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