Thursday, December 2, 2010

stairmaster and other cardio ?

Today I went to the gym but it was going to be quick due to activities for the girls. I did not feel like running b/c i just felt my time was too short. I am kind of at a loss if I am not taking a class (spin or boot camp) or running. I decided to jump on the stairmaster, I see many of the very inshape trainers use it and other inshape patrons.

I just walked up stairs for about 25 minutes, it said i went 100 flights. I have NO idea what type of workout this provides me. I was sweating, but i was not out of breath, but it felt like I was working.

So folks, what other cardio machines do you use ? row ? elliptical ? what type of cardio are they providing compared to spin or running ??? we don't have a jacob's ladder at the gym but i would love to try one of them.


  1. a jacob's ladder would be so sweet. I'd love to try that. I use elliptical when I don't do spin or treadmill.....but I'm not a big fan of it. I don't feel like it takes me to the same [cardio]place as running.?!

  2. oh I LOVE the "rolling stairs of doom"... what? Are you telling me that's not what they're called? C'mon though, it's a way better name than Stair Climber or Stair Master.... just sayin'.

  3. I don't even know what a Jacob's ladder is (except for the toy). I guess the only thing I use is a spin bike when it is too cold to ride outside.
    As for the stairs, I get out of breath going up one flight! How is it possible I can do a HIM and get out of breath going up the stairs?!

    I know the couples race you are talking about. Not sure my hubby would do it, even if he does love cycling; it's been a while. My neighbors across the hall won the whole thing on the last one. She is a super fast runner and he does bike racing; the were a shoe in.


what are you triing

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