Wednesday, December 29, 2010

lululemon wagon

so for christmas hubby got me some workout clothes from lululemon and man i love it. i am going to possibly exchange some and i can't wait to go in the store and browse and buy and wahooo..

i went to the gym with 4 kids today. had 2 over for playdate and dragged all of them out to the gym. got a quick 30 minutes on treadmill and was so happy to get it in.

starting to clean, unpack and org.

all good.

do you own lululemon ? do you love it ? how do you pronounce it ?


  1. I dont own any...but I drool over it :)

  2. I don't own any, but I've heard people rave about it. I've heard it isn't cheap though, so I haven't bothered to look into it too much since I'm trying to save money for bike upgrades...

    I've heard it pronounced "Lu Lu Lemon" (like the fruit) and like "Lu Lu Lahhhmonnn". Not sure which is correct???

  3. I like their stuff, but pricey! My boobs are too big to be well supported in their tops for running. But I like their style.

  4. My instructor raves about this workout wear. Pronounces as Lu lu lemon. It is pricey isn't it? Been meaning to check it out.

  5. my sister gave me two headbands. that's all she or i can afford. it's investment athletic wear. i'll buy some on sale, but that's about it. lucky you!!!


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