Monday, December 20, 2010

running or baking

so as my last post mentioned. holidays get in the way of other things.

this am i did NOT run. It was not the holidays fault, it was the fact that the house had a showing and I had to clean.

i just made these

lately i would rather bake than run. not a good sign. so far i made scottish short bread cookies YUM. These are pretzels with a rolo melted ontop and then i stuck an m&m in. Haven't tried them yet as they cool but i can't imagine i won't enjoy them.

tomorrow - boot camp. and then pecan diamonds.


  1. You made me chuckle with that last sentence,
    Boot camp, then pecan diamonds! Sounds good to me-although I'm not sure I would make it to bootcamp!

  2. those pretzels look awesome!

    my theory is that Christmas just comes once a year, and the rest of the year I bust my butt with training and eating right... so I might as well just enjoy it now :)

  3. I've eaten these a bunch of times when others have made them. I've been wanting to make them with my boys, they're yummy! It's a crazy time of year and really hard for me to get in all the runs and workouts that I want to...


what are you triing

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