Sunday, December 19, 2010


The holidays are fun, but they sure do make it hard to stay on your nutrition and exercise. I was happy to get to the gym yesterday and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. However, last night we went to a neighbor's party and the nutrition went down the toilet. I was eating bacon wrapped around white bread and cream cheese, buckeyes, potato pancakes, and 2 beers. The problem was I decided to let the bad food continue most of today.

But Mondays are the perfect day to start over and get some veggies and fruit back in the body. With the hectic week ahead I will be making sure to get into the gym at least the first 3 days of the week.

I have been reading how a lot bloggers are getting their butts outside in the freezing cold to run and I am soooo impressed. I believe my cut off is 45degrees (and i need sun with that).

I need to order a wetsuit. I am doing my first olympic this year and I want a wetsuit. I am pretty sure open water swims in the river start in May.

Goals for the week:

-get presents wrapped
-gym m,t,w
-make a healthy dinner
-call mom


  1. I'm getting my butt out there, but it's a cold butt!!

  2. I used to think that 45 was my cutoff (with sun like you said), but once I got the right layering gear, I found that I actually really enjoy running in the cooler temps. I know it sounds like pure crazy talk ;-)


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