Monday, December 6, 2010

running, hungry, & tupperware

i ran yesterday adn today on the treadmill, treadmill is getting boring but i am too wimpy to go outside

tomorrow boot camp

i am starving right now, but we have my daughter's parent teacher conference at 6.10 - so hubby and i are eating out after that.....this is when i fail on nutrition, i am ready to eat anything ??? RIght now i am leaning towards an english muffin with butter.

tupperware. my mom use to sell it. i can totally remember staying up late when she had a party, how they played games and someone would win something. I have many friends/acquaintances who sell something, sensaria, stell and dot, etc. I may start doing this, it is for a health company and i just tried the cleaning stuff and am happy with it. i have such a hard time thinking that i will be asking people for money BUT it is a product that i really believe in ?

we have netflix and i never watch movies. finally i watched veronica guernin - it was great, very inspiring. now i am watching man on fire with denzel, and it is some serious scary crazed kick ass denzel. he takes NO shit. i need to put PRE on my list the movie about the runner steve prefontine (spelling)


  1. What do you watch on Netflix if you don't watch movies? TV series? I love those!

  2. i never wind up watching the movies and they sit around foreva, unwatched

  3. I already have so much dvr stuff that I dont have time for movies, unless we actually go OUT to the movies.

    How does netflix work? curious.

  4. I sell Tupperware in montreal, quebec, canada.

    It still sells a lot. I do, and my clients too, believe in the quality of those products.



what are you triing

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