Wednesday, December 8, 2010

exercise interrupted exercise interrupted ful

yesterday morning instead of boot camp at 9.15am, i was in the hospital. my little one was doing donkey kicks on the coffee table and lost balance and split her ear open. It was fun. We got to sit for 4 hours waiting, we saw a shivering drug addict and got to hear him puke. Then I had the pure 100% enjoyment of watching my poor 4 year old have her ear sting to the point from a needle that she would not get back on the bed. Then the Dr. suggested the papoose, i thought that sounds like such a nice cozy word. I had visions of carrying my little 4 year old in some sort of cozy fleece lined papoose. NOOOO. the papoose is a straight jacket that they wrap on your screaming child. it buckles with 3 hugebuckles and your child can't move their arms. they called her a burrito. she screamed bloody murder, almost puked, and then finally calmed while they stitched her ear up with 5 stitches. I really enjoyed myself.

She was so brave and I was ready to buy her anything she wanted times a thousand.

She is brave but she has not learned her listen as she was donkey kicking in the hospital. She is jumping around right now. I think she actually thinks having stitches makes her cool. She is 4.

I am so thankful it was not worse.

No workout today but I did get my grays covered.

Tomorrow i will spin. Tonight I am going to make some roasted veggies, and maybe some rice and beans, beans for the protein.


  1. that sounds traumatic for both of you! Hope you're both relaxing now!

    it's funny you mentioned the papoose board/coffee table incident, because I had a similar situation where I split open my forehead open on the coffee table when I was ~2 (too young to remember it) and my dad said the ER people wanted to put me on the papoose board so they could put stitches in, and when he saw what it was he said something like, 'there is NO WAY you're putting my baby in that!' They ended up using a butterfly bandage to close the wound and thankfully, I don't have any scars.


what are you triing

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