Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 miles

I did 8 miles today and the first mile I was smiling and almost laughing b/c I was so darn happy to be out there running, man I missed it. I felt good, although the area on my feet right below my toes hurt and feel a little blistery. I even created a new ipod list to listen to and the timing worked out perfect !!!

I am in the adding back part of the cleanse and all is good. It is funny b/c I am so happy to be in the adding back phase and my thought process is that I feel like I am done with the cleanse, and then I realize I still can't eat chocolate, or chips. So it is a good check for me to continue eating healthy, and really get my veggies and fruits in. I found some cooked chicken strips from Trader Joe's that I love and can throw in a salad and it tastes great !! If anyone is interested in trying out the cleanse you can check it out on this site, it will run again in April - just let them know that Josephine sent ya !! I highly recommend it.

Friday we move. This week is all about packing and trying to keep my sanity while keeping the kids on their schedule, and keeping my eating healthy. Wish me luck.

Goals for the new house, be more organized, more clean, and decorate !!!!!

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