Monday, March 14, 2011

day 4 morning update

i did not go food shopping yet. going to take a run to trader joes (new in our town) and i am pumped. however, my little one is home till 11.15 and requested that i food shop while she is at school, b/c she doesn't want to food shop and i said ok. so i hope to food shop AND get a 45 minute ride in while they are at school.

however, i just wanted to write down that i am feeling very tired and cranky. i could crawl under the covers and go back to sleep. i am thinking this is a normal part of the cleanse feeling as my body adjusts to the change in food it has been receiving or should i say NOT receiving. i don't feel bad, just tired. i don't feel like grabbing bad food. i also didn't have the normal bfast b/c i am out of avocados and i did do 8 miles yesterday.

one thing i am really tired of and it is bothering the heck out of me is the cold. i just want a really warm (65) sunny day. today no sun and it is freaking cold.....i am DONE with cold. DONE.


  1. I think daylight savings time could be a factor as to why you are a bit tired today, I know I am! It was so hard to get up this morning. Trader Joes is awesome, but I usually have to supplement and go to A&P too, they just dont have everything I need. Have a good week,

  2. come to AZ! I have my AC on. I wish I was joking.

    YAY for Trader J's!!!!!!

  3. Wait until Friday and you'll getvyour weather wish!


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