Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 2 - stronger than i think

Ok Day 2 in my journey. Today was hard b/c we had the PTA luncheon. I went with green tea bags and a larabar.

The theme related to amusement parks so the first thing i saw on the table was the beautiful centerpiece vase filled with candy. Then I noticed some of the helpers (kids from school) eating ....COTTON CANDY. I could eat a tub of cotton candy. I stayed strong and focused on getting some water in me, taking a few bites of my larabar and dropping my tix in the baskets I wanted.

I knew that one of the meal choices was a cobb salad so I picked that, removed the bacon and croutons and the blue cheese (oh how i love you !) dumped them on the side plate and ate the salad with NO dressing. I ate the entire thing and it was quite tasty and satisfying. The ice cream came out and then we passed around the toppings try (cute cute idea). I went to the bathroom while everyone decorated their ice cream.

The really interesting part of all this was that I felt good. Normally at one of those days functions, by the time I get there I am already starving, i wind up eating everything in site but still feel hungry, then feel bloated and just blah. When I got there I was NOT hungry. I have been doing 1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with a veggie (spinach is my choice), and a half of an avocado. Hello, this is tasty and really seems to be filling. My broth was fine, I like it hot and drank it down. The fiber I have to drink was not the worst, mixed it with the water and splash of cranberry juice. I just hope when Monday comes I can fit it all in and make sure i get the correct meals in me. I do a bunch of dropping off, picking up for the girls and fitting my workout in. eating is smushed into a very quick time frame.

OH and I dropped about a pound. I knew I would lose fast b/c i ate sooo many sweets that if i just dropped them out i would lose.

I don't expect this to completely change my eating habits that I never have chocolate, or cheese, but I hope it makes me a bit more aware of NO need to have TOO much, moderation and getting the good stuff in, then treat yourself.

if anyone is at all interested in doing this cleanse let me know and i can put you in touch with the person running it !!!

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  1. Yes, I am interested. I need to find out if I can do anything that might help with the migraines. I'm desperate. And obviously the sugar has to go. Let me know the details. how much? write me at my personal email: rachel at voltagedesign dot com
    thanks :)


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