Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 5 sugar detox

So today is Day 5 and I am still doing well. I have stuck to the guidelines. It really has not been that hard, I have gone without red meat for a while before, the caffeine seems to be ok b/c the green tea seems to replace it enough. The problem my friends is my friend sugar. Chocolate. cupcakes, peanut butter cups. I could go on and on folks, i don't believe i have missed more than a day without this stuff and I believe my body is realizing it.

Last night before bed I was a bit shaky and I felt my heart racing and I started worrying about crazy things. Night time is usually when I would have my little treat so maybe that is what my body is thinking and waiting for ???

I did spin today and felt ok, i just didn't push myself too much.
I really wish I could have an inside photo of my body and what it is doing OR stats on how much things have changed since day 1.

i still have a bloated tummy and look 3 months prego. i am highly concerned that i will do this for 21 days, lose weight but still have a tummy.

I am cranky that is for sure. very cranky. hubby can't really say anything without me being annoyed and we are only in the same room for about 10 minutes a day at this point. poor guy.

first time watching the biggest loser where i won't be eating some sugar snack.

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