Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 14 - didn't mean to drop off

All continues to go well. I was able to add back beans today so I made a veggie chili and it felt so hearty to eat. I survived the fruits and veggies and added back gluten free grains. I had a lot of brown rice, a little quinoa and some GF bread and a brown rice tortilla. I was doing ok cept for last night when i was still on fruits/veggies and GF grains only. I had to volunteer at a school function in the evening and I did my first work out since friday. I believe I did not eat or drink enough and it hit me hard last night. I felt sick to my stomach, headache, i felt hungry. I got home around 8 and ate a half of an avocado and went to sleep...the sleep did me good. Felt fine this am.

I am finding that if you leave fruit OUT and open - like say some raspberries open and out - you will reach for them more. I was making more of an effort to drink water before and need to continue and not think now that i am back to eating more foods i don't need the water. My skin is still super soft.

Tomorrow I add eggs, woot woot !!! I need to focus on more than just what i get to add b/c i become so exciting about eating eggs that i am not planning my lunch/dinner meals.

They are offering the cleanse again in April, if interested please feel free to let me know in the comments.

One thing I forget and once I remind myself it makes a huge difference is slowing down while if you really focus on this it is a truly different experience, a more enjoyable one, and a more healthier one.
Do you slow down to eat ? or do you rush through it ??


  1. I definitely eat slowly. But I'm guilty of multitasking and don't always give the food my full attention. I also notice I drink lots more water when I dont drink coffee.
    Your cleanse is fascinating to me.

  2. your blog is nice for me.its nice wife like your tips.


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