Sunday, March 20, 2011

day 10

started off not so bad. right now i am at a breaking point and don't want another vegetable at all.

i had not reviewed the next few days - i knew tomorrow we are able to add back foods, and even though it was just gluten free grains i was happy .....however i thought the day after that we would go for the next food. NOT. 2 days of just fruits, veggies and gluten free grains. ughhhhh. then finally we add beans and when we add beans i will be making a huge pot of veggie chili and loving it.

I just hope that going forward after the cleanse that i can continue healthy habits and keep the pounds off. I see how easy it is to just grab the convenient choice. Or to give in to the sweets, sometimes i eat the cookie b/c it is the last cookie and why would i leave just one cookie ??? hello ??? i was 10 pounds lighter about 2 years ago when i started all the exercising and yet i gained clearly it is the eating. i shutter to think what i would be at if i didn't exercise.

the cleanse is not about the weight, it is about ridding my body of toxins, it is about learning what foods work with my system, it is about learning that sometimes i am hungry and other times i am emotionally eating, learning that food is fuel. however, losing the weight is an obvious sign that my current nutrition could be improved.

i am a tad freaked out about not exercising and freaked out about how i will exercise this week, will my body be able to handle it with the new fuel ?


  1. my knee has me not doing much exercise. i could be doing something, but what i want to do is run and because i can't do much of that i'm not doing much of anything. yet i continue to eat like i'm training for a half marathon. not.good.

  2. I have to catch up on this cleanse you have going on. day 10? that's intense. I've thought about doing a pretty low key cleanse. Right now I'm just trying to eat a lot of veggies, quinoa, and fruit. Keep up the great work!

  3. Sounds like you're working really hard! I'm rooting for you!


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