Sunday, March 13, 2011

day 3 with a long run

day 3 and i feel like i am settling into the routine of this. alkaline broth done ! don't even mind it that much, fiber plan done ! not the worse at all. the problem is i eat the same thing every day, need to find a different meal or 2.

trader joe's just opened up so i am hoping to get there tomorrow and get some good stuff.

the big item on today's plan was getting an 8 mile run in, and I did. I was not fast and i felt like I didn't have a normal energy i have but i was ok.

i just made some sweet potato chips with olive oil and sea salt, normally i would add butter but not tonight and they were just as good. so there is a good example of how this can have some long term change in my habits. no need to add butter to them, i also usually scrambled eggs in butter, no more of that.

I just found out that a local veggie restaurant has curbside pick up and that is HUGE !!!! i am going to check out the menu right now.

I continue to feel good. Hope that feeling lasts and hope that the elimination weekend is not as bad as i picture. i am already thinking of all the different things i can eat that are fruits and veggies.

OH and i got told twice that I looked like i lost weight ???? hello ??? the first time i thought ehh, thanks but it is probably the black running tights making me look skinny. the second time i was in those pants again BUT i will take it. i have lost about 2 pounds from the cleanse but i think it is the overall kicking up my workouts, maybe it is not just a look of weight loss but an in shape fit look.

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  1. Having a TJs nearby will be awesome! I stalk mine all the time...lots of goodies to inspire you.


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