Saturday, March 19, 2011

deep cleanse day 8 and 9

So this is the hard part. It is NOT impossible, but it ain't easy.

Day 8 I was still allowed nuts and fish. I ate nuts and nut butter but I am not a huge fish eater and after my fish swimming in butter i just skipped and will skip the day of adding it back in. It was hard. I felt foggy and had a headache, went to bed very early. Today I woke up and it is fruits and veggies ONLY. I actually felt fine in the am, had a smoothie, water and frozen fruit. Felt ok. Went to Trader Joe's and stocked up (love it there) and really I was feeling ok, eating my veggies and fruit. I did not feel foggy headache till evening...around 6pm. So I will go to bed early again tonight. One more day of just fruits and veggies and then we start adding things back. Will need to plan out my meals carefully to make sure I am stocked on the adding foods.

As you know I have never done anything close to this, I did WW once and that was about as close as I could get to this.

As you can see there was a comment regarding the safety of a cleanse. I am not a doctor. I feel secure in this cleanse due to the person running it, as well as where she obtained it from. I have been doing research and yes there seems to be 2 trains of thought. So encourage anyone to make sure they speak with a medical professional regarding their health.

I like math, 1+1=2, it is absolute and concrete. No debates, no difference of opinions. I like that. I do not like the fact that you can speak to one doctor who will feel that a cleanse is very good for you, and then the next doctor will tell you it is unnecessary and dangerous. I like experts to agree. They don't. So you need to do your own research and decide on your own what is best for you, your healthy and your family.

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