Tuesday, March 29, 2011

uh oh ....cleanse

so last night i cheated. btw the stress of packing, moving, ocd kid, cleanse, lawyers, hubby who works till all hours, i caved. i ate toasted wheat bread with butter, then 2 tagalongs.

this am i woke up with a rash, it is a rash that i have had and was gone once i started the cleanse. Yesterday I added in cashew nut butter, but b/c i cheated and mixed wheat toast in there - now i am screwed about knowing what caused the rash. however - i am thinking it was the toast. so i will not eat bread for a few more days and then taste it out. i love bagels, it was the first question i asked regarding the cleanse. Yes I know they have gluten free and they aren't bad, but nothing tops the experience of walking into your favorite bagel shop and getting that bagel toasted with butter.....

hubby brought home gluten free brownies from whole foods and they were delish !!!(for my bday) woot woot. 43. bring it.

might start writing about going gluten free - if you are GF please send me your thoughts/tips/advice/comments/concerns....blood

vitamins ...

I have been using Shaklee and very very happy with the results. They are number one natural nutrition company. If you are interested to learn more check out the website. They do clinical research on all the products. They will not produce and market a product unless they have tested it and it works. They are GREEN !!

Check it out, learn more about a great natural green safe company ....


Oprah had Roger the CEO and owner of the company on her show and she was raving about the Get Clean products, the White House uses Shaklee to clean. Going non toxic not only helps your family, it helps earth.

go, be green, think about it, think about how you can make a change in your home !!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 miles

I did 8 miles today and the first mile I was smiling and almost laughing b/c I was so darn happy to be out there running, man I missed it. I felt good, although the area on my feet right below my toes hurt and feel a little blistery. I even created a new ipod list to listen to and the timing worked out perfect !!!

I am in the adding back part of the cleanse and all is good. It is funny b/c I am so happy to be in the adding back phase and my thought process is that I feel like I am done with the cleanse, and then I realize I still can't eat chocolate, or chips. So it is a good check for me to continue eating healthy, and really get my veggies and fruits in. I found some cooked chicken strips from Trader Joe's that I love and can throw in a salad and it tastes great !! If anyone is interested in trying out the cleanse you can check it out on this site, it will run again in April - just let them know that Josephine sent ya !! I highly recommend it.

Friday we move. This week is all about packing and trying to keep my sanity while keeping the kids on their schedule, and keeping my eating healthy. Wish me luck.

Goals for the new house, be more organized, more clean, and decorate !!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Comment regarding the cleanse

I just wanted to highlight an informative comment left regarding the cleanse....

HI! I wanted to post a great article from a physician held to high standards in the nutrition field on gluten sensitivity. I think it is well stated and gives great information:

Also, sounds like you are doing more then just a cleanse! Not all cleanses are created equal and unfortunately, some do give a bad reputation to the name and meaning of a cleanse or detox. Eliminating toxic foods (sugar and white flour!) along with foods that are high on the sensitivity and allergen list (gluten / dairy / soy) is a good idea. Keep us posted to what happens when you add them back in! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 14 - didn't mean to drop off

All continues to go well. I was able to add back beans today so I made a veggie chili and it felt so hearty to eat. I survived the fruits and veggies and added back gluten free grains. I had a lot of brown rice, a little quinoa and some GF bread and a brown rice tortilla. I was doing ok cept for last night when i was still on fruits/veggies and GF grains only. I had to volunteer at a school function in the evening and I did my first work out since friday. I believe I did not eat or drink enough and it hit me hard last night. I felt sick to my stomach, headache, i felt hungry. I got home around 8 and ate a half of an avocado and went to sleep...the sleep did me good. Felt fine this am.

I am finding that if you leave fruit OUT and open - like say some raspberries open and out - you will reach for them more. I was making more of an effort to drink water before and need to continue and not think now that i am back to eating more foods i don't need the water. My skin is still super soft.

Tomorrow I add eggs, woot woot !!! I need to focus on more than just what i get to add b/c i become so exciting about eating eggs that i am not planning my lunch/dinner meals.

They are offering the cleanse again in April, if interested please feel free to let me know in the comments.

One thing I forget and once I remind myself it makes a huge difference is slowing down while eating.....man if you really focus on this it is a truly different experience, a more enjoyable one, and a more healthier one.
Do you slow down to eat ? or do you rush through it ??

Sunday, March 20, 2011

day 10

started off not so bad. right now i am at a breaking point and don't want another vegetable at all.

i had not reviewed the next few days - i knew tomorrow we are able to add back foods, and even though it was just gluten free grains i was happy .....however i thought the day after that we would go for the next food. NOT. 2 days of just fruits, veggies and gluten free grains. ughhhhh. then finally we add beans and when we add beans i will be making a huge pot of veggie chili and loving it.

I just hope that going forward after the cleanse that i can continue healthy habits and keep the pounds off. I see how easy it is to just grab the convenient choice. Or to give in to the sweets, sometimes i eat the cookie b/c it is the last cookie and why would i leave just one cookie ??? hello ??? i was 10 pounds lighter about 2 years ago when i started all the exercising and yet i gained weight......so clearly it is the eating. i shutter to think what i would be at if i didn't exercise.

the cleanse is not about the weight, it is about ridding my body of toxins, it is about learning what foods work with my system, it is about learning that sometimes i am hungry and other times i am emotionally eating, learning that food is fuel. however, losing the weight is an obvious sign that my current nutrition could be improved.

i am a tad freaked out about not exercising and freaked out about how i will exercise this week, will my body be able to handle it with the new fuel ?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

deep cleanse day 8 and 9

So this is the hard part. It is NOT impossible, but it ain't easy.

Day 8 I was still allowed nuts and fish. I ate nuts and nut butter but I am not a huge fish eater and after my fish swimming in butter i just skipped and will skip the day of adding it back in. It was hard. I felt foggy and had a headache, went to bed very early. Today I woke up and it is fruits and veggies ONLY. I actually felt fine in the am, had a smoothie, water and frozen fruit. Felt ok. Went to Trader Joe's and stocked up (love it there) and really I was feeling ok, eating my veggies and fruit. I did not feel foggy headache till evening...around 6pm. So I will go to bed early again tonight. One more day of just fruits and veggies and then we start adding things back. Will need to plan out my meals carefully to make sure I am stocked on the adding foods.

As you know I have never done anything close to this, I did WW once and that was about as close as I could get to this.

As you can see there was a comment regarding the safety of a cleanse. I am not a doctor. I feel secure in this cleanse due to the person running it, as well as where she obtained it from. I have been doing research and yes there seems to be 2 trains of thought. So encourage anyone to make sure they speak with a medical professional regarding their health.

I like math, 1+1=2, it is absolute and concrete. No debates, no difference of opinions. I like that. I do not like the fact that you can speak to one doctor who will feel that a cleanse is very good for you, and then the next doctor will tell you it is unnecessary and dangerous. I like experts to agree. They don't. So you need to do your own research and decide on your own what is best for you, your healthy and your family.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 6 & 7 - eating out fail

I am really learning a lot about food right now. Yesterday was Day 6 and b/c hubby worked from home and both girls got great reports from school I thought we should go out to eat. I picked a place that I knew had a good selection of fish. After asking a million questions about brown or white rice, cheese or no cheese etc. I finally decided on a house salad and a grilled tilipia. I had to ask for no cheese on the salad, i forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, and the pecans were candied. I couldn't eat it, the dressing was too much it was drowned in it. FAIL, next was teh fish, I should have gotten a blackened fish...the fish came in a puddle of butter....6 days ago i would have not even noticed it, i would have ate it happily. However, last night I was a bit disgusted staring at the pool of butter. why did they need to use SO much. I had sweet potatoes instead of white rice and lord knows how much butter was in them. NO dessert.

I was mad, I have been so good and I felt like that ruined it. I am down 2 -3 pounds. But more importantly than the weight is I do feel really good. I also feel like habits are forming, grabbing some raspberries for a snack not junk food. I still need to work on portion control, tonight i had turkey chili and i ate too much. Yes it was sans the cheese and sour cream but I also did not need to eat as much as I did.

Today was finally a real nice day out and I loved it. The sun and warm weather does something wonderful to the spirit. Unfortunately tomorrow is going to really nice and my older one has a fever. I had a playdates lined up and was ready to get a run outside, oh well, life is life.

There was an article in the WSJ about gluten sensitivity and the fact that it is real. Did you read it ? What are your thoughts on gluten. I had gluten bread for the first time and it was not bad, i could learn to live on it. I am realizing that it would not be that hard to go gluten free but i really wish there was some SIMPLE test that could tell you if you were gluten sensitive or not. I have heard of the hear test but not sure I believe it.

Tomorrow is the next phase of the cleanse. I have to cut out everything but fruits veggies, fish and nuts and gluten free grains. i have planned out what I will be eating.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 5 sugar detox

So today is Day 5 and I am still doing well. I have stuck to the guidelines. It really has not been that hard, I have gone without red meat for a while before, the caffeine seems to be ok b/c the green tea seems to replace it enough. The problem my friends is my friend sugar. Chocolate. cupcakes, peanut butter cups. I could go on and on folks, i don't believe i have missed more than a day without this stuff and I believe my body is realizing it.

Last night before bed I was a bit shaky and I felt my heart racing and I started worrying about crazy things. Night time is usually when I would have my little treat so maybe that is what my body is thinking and waiting for ???

I did spin today and felt ok, i just didn't push myself too much.
I really wish I could have an inside photo of my body and what it is doing OR stats on how much things have changed since day 1.

i still have a bloated tummy and look 3 months prego. i am highly concerned that i will do this for 21 days, lose weight but still have a tummy.

I am cranky that is for sure. very cranky. hubby can't really say anything without me being annoyed and we are only in the same room for about 10 minutes a day at this point. poor guy.

first time watching the biggest loser where i won't be eating some sugar snack.

Monday, March 14, 2011

day 4 morning update

i did not go food shopping yet. going to take a run to trader joes (new in our town) and i am pumped. however, my little one is home till 11.15 and requested that i food shop while she is at school, b/c she doesn't want to food shop and i said ok. so i hope to food shop AND get a 45 minute ride in while they are at school.

however, i just wanted to write down that i am feeling very tired and cranky. i could crawl under the covers and go back to sleep. i am thinking this is a normal part of the cleanse feeling as my body adjusts to the change in food it has been receiving or should i say NOT receiving. i don't feel bad, just tired. i don't feel like grabbing bad food. i also didn't have the normal bfast b/c i am out of avocados and i did do 8 miles yesterday.

one thing i am really tired of and it is bothering the heck out of me is the cold. i just want a really warm (65) sunny day. today no sun and it is freaking cold.....i am DONE with cold. DONE.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

day 3 with a long run

day 3 and i feel like i am settling into the routine of this. alkaline broth done ! don't even mind it that much, fiber plan done ! not the worse at all. the problem is i eat the same thing every day, need to find a different meal or 2.

trader joe's just opened up so i am hoping to get there tomorrow and get some good stuff.

the big item on today's plan was getting an 8 mile run in, and I did. I was not fast and i felt like I didn't have a normal energy i have but i was ok.

i just made some sweet potato chips with olive oil and sea salt, normally i would add butter but not tonight and they were just as good. so there is a good example of how this can have some long term change in my habits. no need to add butter to them, i also usually scrambled eggs in butter, no more of that.

I just found out that a local veggie restaurant has curbside pick up and that is HUGE !!!! i am going to check out the menu right now.

I continue to feel good. Hope that feeling lasts and hope that the elimination weekend is not as bad as i picture. i am already thinking of all the different things i can eat that are fruits and veggies.

OH and i got told twice that I looked like i lost weight ???? hello ??? the first time i thought ehh, thanks but it is probably the black running tights making me look skinny. the second time i was in those pants again BUT i will take it. i have lost about 2 pounds from the cleanse but i think it is the overall kicking up my workouts, maybe it is not just a look of weight loss but an in shape fit look.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 2 - stronger than i think

Ok Day 2 in my journey. Today was hard b/c we had the PTA luncheon. I went with green tea bags and a larabar.

The theme related to amusement parks so the first thing i saw on the table was the beautiful centerpiece vase filled with candy. Then I noticed some of the helpers (kids from school) eating ....COTTON CANDY. I could eat a tub of cotton candy. I stayed strong and focused on getting some water in me, taking a few bites of my larabar and dropping my tix in the baskets I wanted.

I knew that one of the meal choices was a cobb salad so I picked that, removed the bacon and croutons and the blue cheese (oh how i love you !) dumped them on the side plate and ate the salad with NO dressing. I ate the entire thing and it was quite tasty and satisfying. The ice cream came out and then we passed around the toppings try (cute cute idea). I went to the bathroom while everyone decorated their ice cream.

The really interesting part of all this was that I felt good. Normally at one of those days functions, by the time I get there I am already starving, i wind up eating everything in site but still feel hungry, then feel bloated and just blah. When I got there I was NOT hungry. I have been doing 1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with a veggie (spinach is my choice), and a half of an avocado. Hello, this is tasty and really seems to be filling. My broth was fine, I like it hot and drank it down. The fiber I have to drink was not the worst, mixed it with the water and splash of cranberry juice. I just hope when Monday comes I can fit it all in and make sure i get the correct meals in me. I do a bunch of dropping off, picking up for the girls and fitting my workout in. eating is smushed into a very quick time frame.

OH and I dropped about a pound. I knew I would lose fast b/c i ate sooo many sweets that if i just dropped them out i would lose.

I don't expect this to completely change my eating habits that I never have chocolate, or cheese, but I hope it makes me a bit more aware of NO need to have TOO much, moderation and getting the good stuff in, then treat yourself.

if anyone is at all interested in doing this cleanse let me know and i can put you in touch with the person running it !!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 1

So when you think of a cleanse what comes to your mind ? I usually think of drinking some green stuff 3 times a day and starving. When I found out this was a 21 day cleanse I thought wait I should just go on the show survivor and win a million dollars if I am going to starve myself. Then I got the documents and read through them. I realized that this cleanse was not about starving myself, this cleanse was going to be about eating whole foods and figuring out types of food might not react with my system so well.

It is more of what they call an elimination diet. Days 1 -7 you are eliminating red meat (ok I can deal), gluten (yikes), caffeine (double yikes), and sugar (holy hell).  However, I also read about what I could eat, I could eat eggs, chicken, turkey, beans. I would not be starved, I might be deprived a bit but I would not starve. Ok I am in, I can do this !!! Bring it. You take some supplements from Shaklee as well. The vitalizer which I already take, garlic (if you have a high candida score), the fiber plan, and liver dtx. Sounds like a lot but not really.

you also have to drink an alkaline broth. a cup a day, boil a bunch of greens and then drink the water (not so tasty but just a cup can't kill me right?)

So I warmed up a bit yesterday but today I started. The scary part is I felt pretty good. Green tea is tasty. I even ran 3 miles today and felt full of energy. I am just starting to get a headache and that is to be expected. I am really excited to be doing this and seeing how my body reacts. I have never done any type of cleanse. Oh and I bought some Glutino pretzels and they taste great.

So Day 1 is almost over, will be having turkey chili tonight (sans any sour cream and cheese) some more green tea, and maybe a few pretzles...tune in for Day 2 where i have the challenge of a luncheon party and ordering a meal not just making it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

21 day cleanse....

follow me as i take a journey, starting tomorrow i cleanse.....

Friday, March 4, 2011

first time

after a play date got cancelled and i was unable to get my 8 mile run in (par for the week of ruined workouts) I tried something new. I put a movie on for the girls in the basement and I got on the treadmill and ran while they watched the tv, i got 6.5 miles in. it was not my best run but i got something in. the girls were amused.

how are you going GREEN ???? i truly believe in NON toxic cleaners and Shaklee has such great products.....check em out and go green for you, your family and the environment.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

yoga fail

so i can run a half marathon. i can do sprint tris. but i can not do yoga. and i don't even mean the hard yoga where you hold a difficult pose. i can not do the yoga, call restorative yoga, look it up....it is basically like taking a nap with some mantras. this yoga gave me vertigo. and i can no longer do it. nice huh.

i have a million things going on.

packing house up to move april 1
training picked up b/c working with coach
doing a cleanse as of march 10th

all good but busy

every have vertigo ?