Tuesday, December 15, 2009

back in action

Today the troops were back in action. We dropped off the little one at school, she seems fully recovered and talked the ENTIRE day. I headed to the gym with my older one in tow, she hems and haws about going to the sitting room and then when I pick her up she begs to stay longer ??? 
Just pour the guilt on please.

I was able to make a class that is cardio mixed with weights. Love it, the instructor is a ironWOman and she is hard core. Felt good, a bit lightheaded at times but was fine. I am usually a bit sore the day after this class so we shall see what happens when I wake. 

Nutrition wise, so so, I did incorporate fruit into my oatmeal, I have a hard time getting my fruit in. I started making smoothies and home and my girls go NUTZ for them. They love them, and I love that they are eating something so healthy. I on the other hand like them but really prefer when someone at a health food store makes them for me ? Go figure.  I over came a strong desire to have a bacon sandwich and ate a Larabar. My sweet tonight was my homemade pumpkin bread, yummy, probably ate too big of a piece but....

Tomorrow I don't have time for gym, but maybe I will try to run on the treadmill at home at some time ?? Making turkey chili so I have to make sure to get that in the crock pot early. 

Still have something looming over my head and I hate that feeling....need to deal with it.

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