Friday, December 18, 2009

How hard on myself should I be ?

So I am really trying to change my eating habits to better ones. Each day is a struggle. Each moment when I realize I could still get McDonald's breakfast b/c it is before 10.30 is a struggle. When I wait on the checkout line and stare at the reese's or twix, it is a struggle. I am not over weight, I would love to lose 10 pounds but my life does not depend on it. When I have a bad day or a bad moment I wonder why I don't have the discipline ? But should I really berate myself and feel guilty or should I move on and realize that life is full of work in process projects. I am trying to eat better but that doesn't mean I won't have a bad day right ? 

What are your thoughts on eating healthy ? 


  1. I know this is not a holiday issue for you but I was reading an article about gaining during the holidays and the recommendation is to continue exercising and eat in moderation. Eat what you want in moderation.
    I think that's the key. Bad days are going to come. Bad weeks are going to come. I think it's about keeping as much of everything else in check as you can. Sometimes we just can't eat perfectly, exercise and still keep it all together.
    We can't let ourselves feel guilty about indulging or having a bad day. We just start a new the next day!

  2. I am the same about McD's breakfast cut off! If their pancakes were available all day long I don't think I'd be nearly as tempted.

  3. We are only human. We are allowed to have a bad day from here to there, but if we start to feel guilty over every little "bad" thing we eat, is it really worth it? I think that eliminating ALL bad food from a person's diet isn't necessarily the answer. We should be able to endulge here and there, sparingly. Make the sweets and treast worth while. I have been working on better eating habits and now that I have incorporated more fruits and veggies, I don't crave the greasy junky foods as much. I find myself craving a something more healthy instead.

  4. I'm perfect and I never fuck up when it comes to eating.
    bahhahaaha! Seriously, is it possible to eat well all the time? Maybe. But you are likely totally psycho, un-fun, and too perfect if you are able to manage it...

  5. You definitely shouldn't beat yourself up. You just make yourself miserable, and that makes you want to run straight for the chocolate. At least, that's how it works for me.

  6. I have always eaten whatever I want - without any worries - until I turned 40 m- closer to 41 - then bam! The weight did not naturally stay off. I don't exercise. I did in my 20's and 30's - religiously - but once I had a baby - I stopped. What is up with that? I'm not in to McD's too much, so I guess I am lucky there. But there is not a bag of chips that I won't devour - that is killingme these days. I NEED to start to exercise b/c like you I could stand to lose 10 pds, but not a necessity - but I don't see it goign anywhere by itself either!

  7. I am in the same struggle right now, trying to change my eating habits it is hard and a struggle so I feel your pain! I have good days and bad days, I pat myself on the back on the good ones and give myself a break on the bad ones, we are human after all. Keep up the good work!


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