Thursday, December 24, 2009


Today, even though I have a major head cold I went to the gym to swim. The reason I went even with cold was b/c I found out about a class that a trainer has (it is on the down low), she is a 3 time ironman and I have never done any instructional swimming. It was great. Great to get feedback on my stroke, great to learn what drills I should be doing and it was great b/c my arms are killing me. She also took my email and plans on sending me workouts for other days. Swimming is my weakest event. I need to improve and that is one of my goals. I love making a step towards that goal. My other goal is to move to clip on pedals for the bike, which is scary b/c I have no coordination WITH the cages - let alone clip ons

The swim workout was a 200 warm up (of course I went as fast as I could b/c I had to keep up with rest of ladies), drills of catch ups, 3 x 400's with first 5o a drill, then 5 x 100's building speed, then 2 x 50 sprints (where you were put against someone your pace) and an easy 50 warm down. I survived but felt like I was awful in form, she spoke with me saying that I needed to get the form and then I will be more efficient, enabling me to go longer and faster. I love having a coach, I always push harder and learn something. I am debating the running coach route as well. I also believe this summer I will do sprint tri's only and then next summer attempt my first olympic tri. then in the way future a half ironman is on my bucket list. 

Merry Christmas !!!


  1. Merry Christmas... Man, good for you for being/getting in such powerful shape.. That is SO not me.. I mean, I used to hit the gym, jump on the scale daily, etc.. but now, NOT.. I admire your stick "to it ness." When do you have time in the day to do this??? Great to have a goal for yourself.. we all need to challenge who we are, and what we can do, in order to get to the next level with ourselves, and life.. Best of luck on your Ironman(woman) journey!

  2. You will love the clip on pedals. I was nervous to switch, too, and only did it in October this year. I heard that everyone falls a couple of times while learning, and did not want that. But, it is so easy to bike with the new pedals and I did not fall once. I can easily clip off, and biking is so much easier this way bc you can push as well as PULL! Awesome about swimming. Swimming is my weakness, too!


what are you triing

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