Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crappy day but controlled eating choices

Today was bad. We have some issues with my older daughter and quite frankly getting her dressed and playing in the snow is closest thing to torture that I have come to. It was a day full of up and downs and I felt like I did not get a break. I did however make some better food choices. Instead of escaping to mcdonalds drive thru for some burgers and fries, i stayed home and made a turkey sandwich, instead of ordering pizza for dinner, I had the turkey chili I had made and froze a while back. 

I had my normal oatmeal with some fruit for bfast, YES I had some of hubbie's most delish swedish pancakes but no syrup. 

I could tell I was so upset and just looking for the easy fix. I did have some cookies tonight but that would have happened no matter what so the thing I am most proud of is that I didn't break down and rush to get that easy bad food. 

I did not work out and I am itching to, the priority tomorrow is the gym. 

There were some great parts of the day the girls seeing Santa ANd sledding for a few runs before the next fit. 


  1. Yay for saying "no" to the easy-bad-foods!

  2. Good for you, seeing the good in an otherwise tough day!!

    And awesome job on choosing the good foods. I still really believe that indulging in moderation is perfectly ok...even on the non-gym days!! :)


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