Monday, December 14, 2009

still off track....

Yesterday, my little one seemed 100% better but I still did not take her out. I was pretty tired as well since I have been up most nights with her. You kind of forget about the fact that one needs sleep. Yesterday at about 2ish, instead of going food shopping I crashed. I crashed hard and just fell asleep. I believe that it was due to a combination of the little sleep and the crap day of eating. Finally I got up and regained some control, made a pizza for dinner, cleaned the kitchen, hubby did some outside christmas lights. 

I decided to let the girls lay with me for bedtime and I wound up falling asleep with them. So at 11 I woke up and thought, wow I must be one tired mommy. I took my contacts out and went back to sleep.  Only to be woken at 4am by my little one crying for a good hour or 2 till we got up for the day. She was complaining about her nose (must give her her meds right now). So we are all off track again. No gym. I am tired. I need to go food shopping. Need to figure out what teachers we are seeing for the last time this week to make sure I give gift. 

Here is to hoping we all get back at it tomorrow.


  1. Oh no. I hope things get better around the house.

  2. Totally off the subject...where did you get Zart? My daughter is PRAYING the crazy elf will appear! I need to get one PRONTO.


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