Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running date

I set my alarm for 6am, which would give me time to snooze, wake up, have breakfast, get ready and stretch and still be at the meeting place at 7am for my running date. 

When I hit snooze, I really wound up turning my alarm OFF. Therefore I finally awoke and looked at my clock and it was 6:50am. Holy shit. Brush teeth, dress, GOOOOOO.

I was there at 7.07, she was waiting and off we went. It was mother effing cold but I did ok. Wore my new shoes and felt good. Need pants to run in, I ran in some pants that are stretchy and more for yoga or something. Used my ski hat which was fine BUT I probably looked very silly. Had my nike gloves that I already had bought and they are awesome, they become more like a snot rag b/c I wipe my nose so much on them. 

We ran 5 miles, but it went by so fast b/c we talked AND it was mostly new to me, trails right near me that I did not know about. Loved it. Plus she is serious about her training and has lots of great tips and advice for me. She even brought an extra shell vest to keep me warm. 

So running date a success. Hope to have more. We both admitted that we would NOT have ran if we were not meeting each other, such a great way to get yourself to really DO IT. We went slow but she seemed ok with it. 

Thanks for all the cold weather dressing tips. I think I have to get a pair of warm running pants, a hat and some sort of shell....luckily christmas is right here. 

I am sure I will crash tonight !!


  1. Way to go... and you even talked while you ran and seemed to like it! Go figure.

    I ran 3.2 by myself. It was cold and windy but sunny and HOLY SHIT the wind in my face took my breath away. And I was all bundled up. It still took my breath away. I don't know why a half marathon in January ever sounded like a good idea.

  2. BRRRRR!!! glad you found a good running partner! Very valuable- those running partners... :)

  3. i think your plan for a running date is awesome. i am swimming with a masters group at 5:30 am twice a week, and i can honestly say there is no way in heck I would ever be in a pool at that hour unless there weren't the "peer pressure" to meet my fellow swimmers (and keep up with their speed). Very motivating.


what are you triing

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