Friday, December 4, 2009

Muddy run

Yesterday morning I had an hour and a half without kids, one at school, and one at an art class. I was so excited to run outside. We have a nice park near our house that has a mile figure eight to run. I got out there and was pumped to run. It was quite muddy in certain areas and I got myself quite dirty but I was so happy to be running outside !!!

Had my garmin off course, which I love love love. I thought I was going faster than I was, but my final time and mileage was 2.75 miles in 27.34 minutes. 10.02 pace. I was surprised I thought I would have gone faster, but I guess having not run in the past 3 weeks takes a toll. I might run with another woman on Sunday morning, she is hardcore and much faster. I get a bit nervous about that, do I really want to run with someone who I have to struggle to keep up with and then add talking into it ? Yet, I think it challenges me and pushes me ??? 

Do you run solo or with folks ???


  1. Part of the time, I run with a group. But most everyone runs faster than I do, so I end up running solo anyway.

    you can find out more about the pushups thing at :-)

  2. I prefer alone. But then joined a running group. Go figure. Tell me about your Garmin, because I am really wanting one, but not sure what I really want. Know what I mean?

  3. Shana -GET THE GARMIN. i love it, i love stats. while running you can see your pace, it is a great way to learn your own pace and get a feel of when you are going fast or slow. i can not recommend it enough. worth the money. great xmas gift...

  4. I have got to get my heinie back to that little muddy figure 8. All I've done lately is tennis and it's NOT enough!


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