Sunday, December 27, 2009

Clip on pedals

So I got clip on pedals and bike shoes today. Hubby held the bike while I tried to clip in. I brought him down on top of me. Not a good start folks.

I am bringing them to spin class and hopefully that will help me get a feel for these things. Get yourself off the rode NOW if you are training near me b/c I am a mess. 

I need to think of my previous mantra, I think i can, i think i can and not, holy shit i will never be able to do this and i am going to fall and break something. 

These are the shoes....Specialized motodiva

Seriously, what is the secret, how will I learn to use these and be 150% comfortable with clipping in and out for a tri ??


  1. I hate to say this, but falling while out on your bike and clipped in.... is a right of passage!

    You will get comfortable with it... you'll see!

  2. I agree with teacherwomen said, it isn't if you will fall, but when. My advice to you is don't try to ride up a hill first thing, I did and it was disaster! Great present, you will enjoy them!

  3. As I said before, I had a v easy time with the clip in pedals. I did practice a lot on my trainer - clip in, clip out - and I have the clip ons where you turn your ankles a bit and immediately the foot is out. Also, when going downhill, I started out with the R leg unclipped. Also, when riding on flats, at the beginning I did a lot of clip unclip exercises; for me, clipping back in was tougher. I think you'll find it is not as hard as you think. I did have a near fall, where I forgot to unclip when I stop the bike, but amazing enough my shoes unclipped without me falling!

  4. You will wonder what took you so long! You are going to love them and love spinning so much more with them!! ENJOY!!

    AND it is true... you must skin your knees at least once --- falling off your bike b/c you forgot to clip out...or you thought you could balance through a stop light... or you lean the wrong way with only one foot clipped out... It just has to happen!!!

  5. We have all been there!! Nothing like falling on your bike to make you feel like a total dork!!!

    I made my husband hold me up on my bike while I clipped in and our about a million times :)

    You will get used to it!!!


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