Friday, December 11, 2009

Treadmill running & GRUMPY

So yesterday I actually have a full hour and a half without kids. HOLY COW that is a long time for me. I am able to run outside if I choose. But I am wimped out, too windy, even though I just bought some roadrunner tights and a manzella hat with a ponytail hole. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. I normally run 3 miles and sometimes increase the speed for 2 minutes then go back to a base speed. Or I just try to run a mile and one speed and increase when I feel good.

Yesterday I ran my first mile at 6.0 (10 min miles), then at mile 2 I increased the speed to 6.2 (9.41 min miles), and my last mile I put it to 6.4 (9.23 min miles). It felt good to push harder after each mile.  I need more training plans for the treadmill. 

GRUMPY, I am not sure why but I am in a major GRUMP mood. Even though it is Friday. I think it is b/c I have to finish some work for the NP I work with and it is stressing me out. It makes me wonder how I got through with school and having projects and papers to do, and NOW I know why I was so stressed out when I had my career. My personality is that I want to do the BEST job and I want to finish it right away and it weighs on me when I am not working on it. I have alloted sunday evening to work on this stuff but it is clearly on my mind. Part of me is upset that I let myself get this concerned about something that I do as a volunteer and should not cause strife in my life and another part of me realizes it is me who needs to learn to balance it and realize that I can do things and it doesn't have to be RIGHT now. 

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  1. Nice job on the run.

    I was all happy this morning after getting a good night's sleep and then got to work and the Grumpiness took over. I am not usually grumpy, but some issues at work have irritated me... :(

    Yay for the weekend, right?


what are you triing

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