Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caving into a carb craving

Most of my life I have eaten a bagel every AM. Back in my high school/college/post college late nights I would end any late night with a toasted lender's bagel with butter. YUM. It would be just enough to fill my stomach that felt hungry. After kids and my metabolism was NOT the same and I started learning about how to eat better. Now that I am exercising and training for sprint tris I also need to make sure I fuel my body correctly.

I have oatmeal every AM and I love it. However there are those days where I just want a big old buttered bagel. Oh how I love it. Today was one of those days, due to the rain I did not want to get out of the car(if so I would have went to Manhattan bagel since they are the closest to a NYC bagel here in jersey), I had to settle on dunkin donuts drive thru. I order a whole wheat bagel, came home and toasted it(darkly is my preference) slavered some butter on it and ate it up. YUM. I caved. Oh well. 

What do you cave into every once in a while ? 


  1. Interestingly just now I saw a loaf of white (you know kind of dense and chewy) sliced bakery bread. It was a gagillion dollars because it was organic and well what was the point of that really when it is white bread?! I bought it anyway. I brought that baby home and just had FOUR PIECES of VERY buttered toast. It was delish.
    I still miss my NY bagels. I used to have two every morning. TWO?!! And I'd wash them down with a Cherry Coke. WTF? I can't believe I wasn't a million pounds.

  2. I lOVE lOVE LOVE bagels. And I too used to have at least on a day in a former life. Now they are treats, but treats I allow myself once a week anyway.
    I like them with butter--but also with pb and jelly--also with nutella. also just with nothing.

  3. Oh I love bagels too. that is one of the things I give into as well. I used to have a breugger's bagel bakery where I went to college and I loved warm bagel with chicken salad. In San Diego, I WORKED at a bagel shop! Scary. Get this..they had chocolate chip bagels, cinnamon apple, peanut butter...oh the flavors were endless. sigh....
    I give in to those, and just plain 'ole toast, and spagetti, and ..and..and.. I'm weak when it comes to that stuff. Oh Mom's homemade rolls. OMG! I'm hungry now...


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