Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cold weather running

Sunday AM I have a date to run with a friend. She is faster than me, so I am nervous about keeping up. I don't like to run in the cold and it supposed to be in the 30's, so I am nervous about what to wear and how cold I will be. I hate to talk while I run, I feel like I can't do it and I am out of breath and can't focus, so I am nervous about talking while running. 

So why did I make this date ?? Because I know that I will get up and meet her to run, if I was not going to meet her and run on my own I would hit the snooze button and not do it. Because she is faster than me and I want to get faster and challenge myself. Because even though I say that I don't like to talk and run, running with someone will make it go by faster, I will learn something about this person and could learn about running/training. Because I want to know what type of clothing I do need to wear for outside cold running and what better way to find out then to go do it and see how current items work. 

I don't want to wear my new Brooks Trances b/c I don't want to get them dirty. 

What is your favorite cold weather running clothing item ? 


  1. By far, my fave cold weather gear is my UnderArmor ear/head band thing. I wear it under my running hat and for me having my ears warm and my hands warm makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I have Nike running gloves which are awesome. And I just bought Adidas Clima-Warm pants and jacket. Have only worn them out once and they kept me warm, but it was only in the 40s. I have not been hitting my benchmarks for this stupid half-mary in January and I am going to be totally screwed when it rolls around and probably talk myself out of doing it. Because I am lame like that. ENJOY YOUR RUN TOMORROW!

  2. I wear Brooks Trance too! Wow! Good luck with deciding what to wear!

    My favorite cold weather running item is my white Adidas jacket. It's meant for the cold but light weight.

  3. I have a Marmot jacket that's not even meant for running that I love. It depends on how cold, but usually I just wear a long sleeved wicking t, a jacket and tights!

  4. yay for running dates. it definately helps get me out the door when i'm supposed to meet someone to run...even if i end up running solo.

    i'm liking my sugoi sub-zero tights for cold weather running. and a couple of warm hats that I'm fond of. I have a shell that cuts the cold air - it's not thick, but it keeps the cold air from coming through. beyond that...i'm not too picky.


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