Sunday, February 28, 2010


Friday night I had mcdonalds, then hubby came home with magnolia cupcakes and I had one. The next morning I skipped my tri class, had another cupcake. Today I woke up and the only think I wanted was to get to the gym.

I felt crappy and I knew why.

Went to the gym and ran 4 miles, felt good.

However, when I got home I started getting the auro part of a migraine. If you have not had this it is hard to explain and it sucks. I lied down for a little and the auro stuff went away but I had a pounding headache all day.

I bought some probiotics, as well as some DHA for the girls and some proboitics for them, hubby bought some fish oil pills. Any one have knowledge on all these and what brands you like and why we should be taking them. I need to research.


  1. i've been fortunate enough to never have a migraine, but I understand that they aren't any fun at all. get well soon.

  2. I haven't had migraines, but my best friend in high school had them and they were very debilitating...sorry;-(
    hope you're better, and I don't know much at all about oil pills. sorry!

  3. My husband brings home Entenman's chocolate covered donuts....too often. I hate him. I love him. I hate him.

    Sorry about your migraine. They really suck. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. I used to get migraines all the time in college. I haven't had one in years, but I do get the aura thing in my eye several times a month. When that happens I know it's time to take some ibuprofen. If I don't I will get the worst headache in the world! Next time you get an aura, take some ibuprofen right away and hopefully it will nip the migraine in the bud!

  5. I am so sorry about the migraine! I recently suffered my own cupcake tragedy- tomorrow is another day!

  6. I've heard very good things about pro-biotics and kids.
    Fish oil I know is good for women, and a lot of people I know keep the pills in the freezer because it helps with the after taste.
    I just started taking vitamin D which is supposed to help with cancer prevention and weight loss.

  7. Fish oil is GOOD for joints and awesome for developing minds... Both of my kids take it every day!


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