Thursday, January 6, 2011


Tuesday i did boot camp. Was so happy to do it. I was sore but not as bad as I have been in the past.

I was off yesterday, today I plan to run.

I will be working with a coach starting in Feb. I am very excited, and it feels a bit luxurious, I mean it is not like I am some world class athlete. I am just a mom trying to stay in shape and set goals for myself and challenge myself. But I know myself and with my first Olympic size tri on the schedule I need to be disciplined by someone. A sprint I can handle, but olympic, it scares me. I mean a 10k is not something I run much and yet I will have to run that after swimming and biking. I am looking forward to it, and the training. I have to feel out a bunch of information and I love the fact that I am being asked about my training, my goals, etc. It helps me focus and that is what I need. I just want to make sure I balance it all, and not get super obsessed with training and when and panic about the time put forth. I want my girls to see my balance it all and show them that it is ok for mommy to have time but not have them feel like I am not always there for them.

I want to make sure hubby is not left with the kids all weekend after he works a full week and has zero time for himself. I can do this.

I feel a bit of a cough and tickle in my chest so I am loading up on vit. c, these are great for kids as well.


  1. best wishes with the coach and in finding balance

  2. While they like us to believe they are incapable of functioning, your hubby will be ok for one weekend or multiple weekends.

    Emercence C and the Zicam lozenges are good too for avoiding/shortening a cold.


what are you triing

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