Saturday, January 8, 2011

stuck at 30 minutes

I run on the treadmill at the gym and I don't mind it BUT maybe that is b/c I am only on it for 30 minutes. Somehow I always convince myself, or only have a short time that 30 minutes seems to be my standard. Granted some days I do 3 miles and I do intervals (faster each mile) OR 1 minute hard 1 minute easy etc.
But either way I am 30 minutes and done. I realize that as soon as I start working with a coach those 30 minutes will be long gone. But for now I have every excuse in the book, not enough time need to get home , kids can't stay in the kidzone too long, i did bootcamp yesterday and I am sore, don't feel great so i won't go longer than 30 minutes, and on and on. I am sure once I go and run 50 minutes I will suddenly hate that sucka.

Hubby is in bed and feels like crap. Lord please do not let the flu hit this house.

It is snowing again. I am over the snow. Give me summer.

I got lululemon for christmas presents from hubby. I brought back a sweatshirt b/c i felt i had to many fleeces as is (yes i told this already) point is i finally did my exchange and got shorts, a tank running top and a bra and holy cow the love I feel for them is beyond anything. I might just see if I could get a part time job at the store so i can get the discount on these freaking rocking clothes. i got pants as well and they are the most comfy thing in the world.

Lululemon - call me - sponser me- let me live in your clothes.


what are you triing

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