Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NOT fitness related

so the girls have beanbags and i showed them how i use to sit on the beanbag at college with my feet up on a table. i told them how comfy it was to which my 6 year old said "no this is the most comfortable" (she was on the couch with a blanket and it is by far the most comfy place. I agreed with her and said yes, to which she replied "well back then they didn't have couches"

yes back in the stone ages when i went to college we only had bean bags.

going to get my ass to boot camp


  1. Oh! Where did you get the beanbag chairs? My son has one now, but it is HUGE! I want to replace it with something smaller. They are so comfy!

    I know we didn't have a couch in our house until they were invented in 1985. By then I had graduated HS. Oh the fun I missed.

  2. hilariou s- my kids would likely pop them open and freak my OCD self out!!!

    Happy new Year girlie!!


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