Friday, January 28, 2011


no working out for a good week

today's food intake:
bacon on a roll
buttercrunch cookies
more buttercrunch cookies
friendly's chicken crispy wrap
kid size butterfinger sundae
and folks i don't think i am done as it is only 8pm

Need to get my act together and fast.

in the midst of buying new house selling old, inspections all happening next week.

tons of snow, and i hear more to come

candida ? thoughts ? knowledge ? it seems to be something that is more of a holistic dx. not many medical docs talk about it, but nutritionists do, many folks who believe in food intolerances and such.

need a date with my hubby

most random point - if you have kids and watch good luck charlie, i love the actress who plays the mom. i think she is hysterical.


  1. That's funny that you mention Candida, I was just researching it the other day because I read about it and didn't understand what it was and I still don't?

    One day of bad eating won't kill you (even few days won't). Just get back to good workouts and better eating when you can and you'll be right back on track :)

  2. Hi;-)
    no worries on a week out of running, but what's holdin' ya back from ~20 min of a run? I know you can do it;-)

  3. Some days are like that, no worry!

    I've never even heard of Candida.


what are you triing

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