Monday, January 17, 2011

your drug of choice

i have a raging sinus headache. the strange part is i can breath fine, i thought if you had a sinus headache you would be congested - but that is not the case. Any time I have to dip my head it pounds. Luckily I was cranky enough that i knew i needed my drug- running. i didn't care, i knew it would make me feel better. I did feel better, 40 minutes. I was smiling. I love it. Granted my head still hurts but at least now I don't mind resting as I know my body got its drug in it.

maybe the headache is from stress, being that we are in the midst of negotiating selling our house as well as starting to make bid on new house.

I have been reading how Regina over at Chui on this has been heart rate training, and i am so intrigued. i have been wearing my monitor for all my workouts. I am going to start taking notes and figuring it all out. I am sure once I start working with my coach this will come in handy to already know some figures. I also am officially certified to teach spin. wahoo. of course who knows when i will get to actually put it to use for money but it is a step in the right direction.

headache is raging


  1. That would be my drug of choice, too!

  2. I hate sinus infections, if that's what you have. Running is the best drug, no doubt!


what are you triing

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