Thursday, January 13, 2011

spin spin spin

today i went to spin class. haven't done one in a while. it felt good. the main reason i wanted to go was b/c this sat. i will head into the city very early to take my spin certification class. a full day. the first step into me trying to make a living out of what i love to do.

I did try the cinch protein powder and love it !! I am also really liking the peanut butter cinch bars.

I just heard bad news that someone from my college, a year younger than i was, just passed from cancer. 41 years old ? Too young. Leaving behind 3 kids and a wife.

A friend of mine had to take her daughter to the hospital due to a high fever that has lasted too long.

These are things that scare me and really make me committed to try and live a healthy lifestyle. Hug your loved ones today.


  1. that's terrible news. good reminder that life is fragile.

  2. I have never been to a spin class, but I think I would love it. Which flavor Cinch did you try? I love that latte one!

  3. it took me years to actually use my spin cert. Don't wait so long. It's nerve wracking to start, but fun once you get going! :) Enjoy!

    I use the shaklee cleaning products and love them!!! Also used to use the make up and cleanser.

  4. Totally agree. That was part of my turning 40 post. Thanks for your comment today. I'm moving up in my triathlon age group too--but I think the 40-44 group is even tougher!


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