Monday, January 10, 2011

ipod fail

I can deal when my ipod battery dies, i will watch tv OR even just listen to the gym noise. But today I went to run for 40 minutes and i watched tv for a bit and then i decided to switch over to music. Plugged in my ipod and hit play - the music played, but it sounded wonky. Like it was too fast or too slow, or i heard stuff in the background. It freaked me out and I had to stop. I was trying to figure it out but i couldn't. I was pissed off - i could NOT run with that wonky music sound. Instead I turned on VH1 and was blessed with the fact that Celeb Rehab was on, wahoo. I lovely guilty pleasure. It was perfect and I have to say I am bummed I don't know what happened, I guess I will have to start looking for it at home.

Nutrition for today, so today I made scrambled eggs for lunch and added peppers - i never do that, but i really want to make sure i am getting my veggies in. However, i wound up eating 3 buttercrunch cookies and a 100 grand bar later ??? what the feckity feck ??? I think I am living it up b/c i know once my coach gives me my workouts starting feb. i am in deep dutty and will have to be more serious.

I did get 40 minutes of running in.

Tomorrow is bootcamp with ironlady, always a joy. I really want to try a smoothie after with this protein powder.  Problem is I wind up thinking about a toasted bagel and an ice t and treat myself to that from Manhattan Bagel. NO MORE. I need to control it. Good fuel in !!!


  1. You can do it! The bagel does sound nice. But, I love smoothies!

  2. not sure if this will help...well, help may not be the right word. I had a shuffle that I used once or twice over the summer (mostly I do not use an ipod running) and it was one of those scorcher days. The sweat got into the headphone jack and well, jacked up my ipod. what you describe sounds just like what mine sounded like before it just wouldn't start anymore at all. I researched online and this happens a lot. I would imagine it is the same for other versions of the ipod.

    I bought a new one. My solution? 1)position my ipod so that the sweat isn't running down the cord (the jack is on the underside) 2) tie a loose not in the headphone wire that prevents sweat from working it's way down the wire and into the jack.

  3. there's always a bit of joy/victory sneaking in that "unhealthy" bite. To me, the rebelliousness feels like I'm 'stickin it to the man!' As I chomp down on my sugar cookie. Haha :)


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