Thursday, January 20, 2011


currently we have a bunch of stress and anxiety and it seems to be all in my arms. seriously my arms feel like jittery ??? maybe i should take advantage and get in the pool.

haven't been to gym, my little one got the bug. prepping for a brunch this sunday, entertaining sends me into a tizzy. i am simply not cut out for it. but that is what i love about life, you take something that makes you uncomfortable and you do it and then you feel accomplished.


  1. Hi;-)
    i'm sure your brunch will be lovely. just think you're doing it for ~10-20 tri-running bloggy peeps who'd love it;-)

  2. That was the thought of the day at yoga. What makes you uncomfortable and why. Exploring boundaries is always a good way to grow.


what are you triing

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