Saturday, September 11, 2010


last tri of the season for me tomorrow

- swim fast
- transition faster
- bike hard
- run fast

i really want to push myself mentally i need to move past my comfort zone. i need to do it, and i am going to try. I think i need to swim faster than i have. to let myself feel like i am racing and not just swimming to get it done. i want to continue the freestyle and not break to do the breast b/c i am tired. i would like to swim out fast, get into a rhythm, then push myself throughout and really try at the end to push it hard.
transitions. i really use them to rest myself, i don't rush myself, tomorrow i want to rush myself and not rest.
bike. this is flat and i did well last year, but i need to push it up a notch. i can, and i need to. i don't want to relax and hydrate, i can push it and still get my nutrition in.
run. this run is fun b/c you are with a LOT of people and last year i was constantly cheering on teammates. it made it go by. i want to really push myself during the run, to the point where i feel as if i really am pushing myself past my comfort zone. i would like to think i can do this.....i need to try.

my mantra has been. i can. i will. i am.
i can do this. i will do this. i am doing this.
as well as trying to say 'I AM STRONG' while i run instead of letting the i can'ts get into my head.

the other thing i want to concentrate on is that i am racing against myself, what others do is nothing i need to worry about. this is my race.


  1. Love your mantra! You CAN do it! Good luck tomorrow! :)

  2. You forgot "Have fun!" :) Enjoy tomorrow/today!

  3. You have some great goals: You are going to do amazing! Good luck to you!


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