Thursday, September 16, 2010


ok folks, starting to think about my winter training plans. I obviously need to work on my biking. I have a cyclops here at home and now that i have 2 hours free sans kids I could get this in easily. My concern is am I going to be bored - i am so use to spin class, to ride my bike alone in my basement seems a bit daunting ???

anyone have any spinervals they don't want anymore ????

i am super excited b/c i am helping out with a running group on sat. am. I offered help and they were more than happy to have me. They can't pay me but i don't care b/c i just want to start getting experience and then maybe become certified for a running coach or workout instructor, spin instructor.


  1. help from me, I love my spinervals!
    That is awesome about helping out the running group. I would love to do that too!

  2. Hi;)
    I actually do have a spinervals dvd..that I just don't use..ya want it?

    email me: and we'll go from there;)

  3. I have some old VCR Spinervals if that helps? Shoot me an email if so:

    BTW--I'm in No Slackers Allowed--it's an oldie but goodie!


what are you triing

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