Saturday, September 4, 2010

brick on my own

feeling better but still not 100%

however i am proud that i woke up and did a brick this am, all by myself, i got a late start but got it done, a tad over 14 miles on bike and then 2 mile run. felt good. tired now and going to try and make sure i get a good recovery food in me.

tomorrow ocean swim

hurricane earl.....not so much....i don't think we even got rain ???

last night of the fair and i have NOT had any funnel cake. i only feel victim to the cotton candy.


  1. I don't even know what a brick is, other than you'd have to club me unconscious with one to stop me from eating funnel cake at the fair.

  2. I was good over the holiday weekend. Stuck to my regular food. till last night, all i can say is red velvet cake was involved. ugh!

    PS I am beginning to think I am not cut out to be a runner. Will it ever get any easier?


what are you triing

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