Thursday, September 2, 2010


i can not figure out what is giving me the runs. yes i mean those runs. could it be the cotton candy ? the wendy's ? or maybe some unwashed spinach ? either way i am not enjoying this. OR is it stress....

  • first day of kindergarten for my first born who has ocd
  • hubby's job has hit an all time stress level and changes might have to happen
  • we have a contingent offer on a house, but our house is NOT selling, so we simply might not be able to buy the house we want
i am thinking of taking today off from working out due to my tummy. i feel fine, i just keep running to the bathroom.

am i boring you all ?


  1. I'm thinking stress have ALOT going on! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Never - ever TMI. Blogging was created for TMI.

    Yes I'd say stress = tummy issues.

    Hit it hard . . . . . tomorrow.

  3. I vote too much stress.
    When I am worrying about shit, I find my stomach gets all jacked up.

    try yoga. and forget about things for a bit.

  4. Definitely stress. Hope things settle for you soon!

  5. geeez! I say all of the above!!

  6. If you keep running to the bathroom maybe you can skip the ocean swim? Add some ankle weights?


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