Tuesday, September 28, 2010

running group

tuesday ams i run with the running class. I did not want to go this am. I felt weezy in my tummy and overall just didn't feel good. BUT i knew that i needed to get out there after the NO exercise bad food weekend. As usual, I am so darn glad I did - it rocked. we did 800 repeats, i did not bring my garmin. I don't want to feel responsible for time and pace and such....selfish ???

I feel like it is my time to run without someone else keeping track. Since I have been doing tris, i rarely run 3 days in a row. However, now that I am more about running I really need to be running more and that means 3 days in a row sometimes. I don't want to get injured.

I do plan on running thursday, tomorrow is the up in the air day where i feel like i could bag out...but i shouldn't. I am so happy b/c friday am i can do a boot camp with trilady - it moved times and it now works for me.

do you run with a running group ? do you run consecutive days in a row, how do you switch it up ??


  1. Good job getting out for your run even though you didn't want to!! I rarely run with a group because I'm so slow :( And I never run on consecutive days due to knee/hip issues. That's how I got started in tri's!

  2. I have not run with a running group. I usually run three times a week: one interval speed workout, one tempo with hill sprints, one long easy run. After my season ends this weekend (woo hoo) I am going to do some trail running to switch things up! I have some trails earmarked for doing. I even went out and bought camelback to take long trail runs this fall. Also can't wait to get back to weight training!

  3. I sometimes find that the more days in a row a run, the more likely I am to getting an injury. That's just me. I like to change it up and bit and ride or swim between runs ... or do weights. It's a nice variety!

  4. A tempo run I do like this: a 15 minute warm up at slower pace, 20-30 minutes at a challenging, but doable pace, 15 minute cool down. The idea is to get your body used to working harder at a higher HR zone.

    As for the long run, I do about 10-13 miles on the weekend in a zone 2 (can talk and run). Hope this helps.

  5. I'm not a runner but I think its always good to switch up workouts so you don't get burned out. I think running puts strain on bodies similar to lifting, which you would not typically do 3 days in a row. Although, I still think whatever makes your body feel best while still reaching goals works no matter. :)

  6. i do run a lot of days in a row, and the only way to do that right is to make sure you vary the hard workouts with true easy workouts.


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