Monday, September 13, 2010

race report

i think i owe 2 race reports but i am long past them. so i will give the race report from yesterday my last tri of the season.

First off I have a wicked bad headache right now. wondering if i did not drink enough after race. i also probably should have taken a salt pill after.

UP at the early hour of 3.50am, I actually was feeling ok. Bag was packed, bike was on car. I made hot oatmeal and put in a tupperware so i could eat it a bit later then 4 am as i would be starving by the time the race started.

Was there nice and early, got parking and in the dark in my car I ate my oatmeal.

Went and racked my bike, found a good spot and was with some of the training friends so all was good. After 2 trips to the port a potties I headed down to the swim.

I felt good about the swim, the water was comfortable temp wise and after always swimming in the ocean - rough ocean at that, the bay was like a pool for me. I decided that it was ok for me to be aggressive and i went out in the front. the start is in the water. off i went. i tried to stay ahead of the pack but the pack stayed with me. I was like, hell I am trying to go fast and all these other ladies are just as fast as me - wtf ?? It kept me moving which was good. There was plenty of bumping and hitting. I did resort to breast stroke but not as much as normal. I really did try to push myself as much as I could. My goggles had some water in them. At the end I kept looking up and trying to gage where the finish was, how much farther. I just kept trying to put head down and swim. I was out and felt ok and started the run to T1 and I ran the entire time, with no shoes and it was not a fun path back.
swim - 14.03 (half mile swim) - who knows how long it really was ? but last year I did 16, so I will take the better time. My rank was 445. I was happy with my swim, I did felt that I pushed myself and was aggressive and did not resort to breast as much.

T1 - I tried to rush, as opposed to rest, it has the run in it as well from swim area...5.20

last year on the bike I cruised, and felt fast. this year, i felt like crap, i felt like i could not go faster. I assumes this means there was a head wind at least on the way down. The way back I picked up my speed. I tried to think about when I felt like slowing down to NOT slow down. Not sure how it worked, I just felt slow and crappy. I passed plenty of mountain bikes. Had a handful of road bikes pass me. I was glad to be off the bike. It makes me realize I need to work on my biking big time. bike rank 283
bike - 29.53 (9.5miles) 17.0mph. last year I did 19mph, but I recall NO wind and just cruising.

T2 - again I tried to rush, i took a quick sip of water and did not put the hat on. BUT there were people walking around the transition area who must have been done and were in the way. i had to yell excuse me about 5 times, they were completely blocking my rack ???? 1.42 ?? i wish i could get my shoes off quicker.

Run -
I was ready for the run. I felt ok, I felt like I was pushing it. There are so many ladies on the course b/c of all the different wave starts (i was in 11) so I was passing a bunch of folks. But I also get distracted and start calling out to team members, then trying to gauge where i was compared to others. I tried to get my head back in the game and was trying to push it. After seeing my time I was NOT happy with my run. I should have been faster.
Run - 3 miles 29.09 9.24 min/miles. last year i did 8.30 min miles BUT i think last year was not a full 3 miles and this year was. run rank 349

So overall i was ehh about my performance. felt good about my swim, hated my bike and was disappointed in my run.

1.20.08 - overall 236 and age group 66 - 2010
1.20.51 - overall 230 and age group 62 - 2009

you see eh ? i feel as if i did so much more training and difference ??

to be continued regarding the training...and my thoughts.


  1. I wish I had known you were there!!! You were the wave right after mine. I think all the event courses were not the true distance. My computer said the bike was 8.22 miles which would seem right as my time and speed matches up with the results fine. The run was a bit short too, although not as bad as last year. I hope you had fun though, I did. I just went in not caring really, I needed that at this point in the game.

    It looks like you did really well though. You can't compare to last year. different people, etc. I too was faster last year on the bike course, go fig. The medals were really cheap this year, don't you think?

  2. Sorry you're disappointed but I still think you're awesome!

  3. You can improve your swim by 10% just by wearing a wetsuit - It's definately worth the investment for next season if you want to get faster....I will never race without it... unless the race forbids it...

  4. I'm going to have to start a log like this. very helpful.


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