Thursday, September 23, 2010

am i a geek

i have a run planned during school time today and i can't wait. i asked the coach from the running group what they planned on doing today - they meet on thur am's as well but i don't go. she said just a steady run. She said they usually get 5 miles in, at about a 9min pace. So that is my goal. wahooooooo, i can't wait. I am going to charge the ipod right now so it does not go dead on me.

have to take the soon to be 4 year old for a well visit, i have flat out lied and told her NO shots. I have to get her the flu shot for pre school and I have a feeling she is due some others. I will ask for no more than 2 though and bring her another time. I go back and forth with the flu shot - for or against ??? any thoughts ???

busy day
doctor, school, music, yoga - all for the kids ....


  1. My daughter got the flu vaccine but it wasn't a shot, it was drops up the nose. Maybe you won't be a liar after all. ;-)

  2. I've lied about the shots thing too...bad me. I am going to have to do it again for the flu shot...sigh. Unless they do the nose again like last year. woo hoo!

  3. I'm doing the flu shot again for myself and my boys. I would ask for the flu mist for your kiddo. It was awesome last year b/c my kiddos didn't cry!


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