Tuesday, September 7, 2010

trail runs

i never did cross xountry. i recall the first time i ran a trail run, i didn't know it was going to be. i got there and just went, and i hated it. i hated the feeling that i was going to trip. i hated the feeling that there were hills and obstacles. i was NOT prepared and i was not happy. i did ok, but i said - NO trail runs for me.

today i ran with the running class and we always (ok, so the 2 times i have been) cut through a nice running trail to get to certain start points. I tripped a fell. Right at the beginning of the run. I did the rest of the class with a bloody/dirty knee. I hate trails.

I enjoy the class though. I feel like it is going to help me to get over my fear and really enable me to push myself to my potential.

I swear right after the workout I feel so empowered, it is a high that i love. However that high is gone and I just saw photos of me and i am appalled. I swear i am so hunchback, and i walk outfooted and my fat rolls were hanging out....wtf ??? i can blame the hunchback in my mom a little b/c aren't all moms supposed to tell their kids to stand up straight ??? clearly mine did not. but i have the fat rolls to blame on myself, i mean i did eat 5 to 6 snack size butterfingers today.


  1. Trail running is freaking hard. Ugggggg.

    Hey 5-6 "snack size" only = 1 real size right?!

  2. I am dying to do a trail run. I have sprinkled a little in here and there. I like it because I run it sloooooow. My goal this fall is to do (at least in part) the Croton Aqueduct Trail. Sorry you fell though, that really sucks.

    My husband always tells me to stand up straight. ha! I love butterfingers.

  3. I feel the same. I dont like the feeling of not having solid ground below my feet.

  4. sh*t, that's my fault (picture sharing)! well do know that I share awful posture. maybe we can do drop offs and pick ups with books on our head from here on out? just a thought. And while it is well concealed under a postpartum belt, my belly is jiggly (along w/my butt)......and I had wendy's yesterday followed by a half box of mrs. field's mini choco-chip cookies. ~B

  5. b - today i did the in btw cafe...yummmmy


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