Friday, September 24, 2010

5 mile runs and my arms

I ran my 5 miles yesterday and I felt as if I pushed myself more than I normally would. I was happy. Here are my stats from my garmin:

5 miles in 48:10 (9.38/mile)

mile 1 - 9.48 I always feel like my ankles hurt when i start out and that i just need to work into the run
mile 2 - 9.34 - always feel like I have gotten into the groove
mile 3 - 10.08 - this is where my mental game breaks down, hot and tired and my mind starts saying don't push it b/c you still have 2 more miles.....this is when i have to really push mentally
mile 4 - 9.33 - i tried to push mentally and it seems to work
mile 5 - 9.06 - i really pushed, i was just trying to say to myself "you race how you train" so i have to train harder and faster so my races will be faster. i also just wanted it to be over with and that was pushing me.

i was sweaty and gross when done, showered really quick. my legs felt ok but i did eat a bunch last night.

today i really wanted to do some boot camp or weights but i didn't . i need to figure out a way to get motivated on my own. the class times are not working with the girls and mine schedules and to do on my own i just don't have the motivation. i would rather not be paying for a personal trainer but i see the benefits.

i have a fundraising walk tomorrow and i am seriously considering bringing weights to carry with me on the walk ?? is that nutty ???

how do you get motivated for your weights ????


what are you triing

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