Monday, September 27, 2010

shakes, goals, starting over

Do you ever wake up and you are a bundle of nerves ? And those nerves do not go away and they just fester in you. That is how I feel today, I literally feel shaky ??? I am trying to pinpoint the problem, could be the house stuff. One thing for sure is I need to clean the house, I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my house right now.

I have the barefoot contessa on right now and the show brings me back to when my girls were babies b/c i use to just sit on the coach nursing while watching the food network.

Love Mondays b/c you can start over after a very UNhealthy weekend.

goals for the week

house - clean up and i need to focus on getting the girls rooms organized, the clothes are not organized at all

workouts - run w group tomorrow, then try to run 3 more times this week and get at least one strength session in there somewhere somehow

family - my baby turns 4 on wed. make brownies for her to bring to school and make sure she has a day that is all about her.

mom - make sure do homework with my 6 year old, make it fun

nutrition - i just pulled out 2 cookbooks, one of which is clean eating - try to make some meals that we all eat and is healthy

myself - we bought a new camera and i really want to learn about it and take some photos, i love photos, i know a lot of bloggers are such wonderful photographers and i want to learn from them, moosh in indy, sarcastic mom, nienie


  1. Hey! Love, love seeing your goals! And i SOOO relate to so many of them. i bought a fancy camera a year ago and it's been really important for me to whip it out and use it to capture my kids. I did take the time initially to learn how to sorta use it, and i'm glad I did.

    Have a great week! oH! and I'm still trying to find the spinervals dvd. I think my DH stashed it somewhere...


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