Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it takes some time

Today i ran outside while the girls were at school. I didn't have a set plan. Since i ran with the group yesterday and we did the intervals, i knew I wanted to just do a run but I was not up for 5 miles. I was also not up for hills. So i just went and said let's see what happens. I had my garmin..damn i love that thing.

It never fails that when I start out my shins and ankles hurt a bit, they feel old and crochity and i think - why the hell am i doing this. I also start off slow and I think, why do i never seem to get faster ???

But after the first mile, I felt better and I started my mantras and i tried to think strong and run strong. I could tell that when i put this mental tactic in effect my pace was faster. By mile 3 I was smiling. I got to that point in a run where you actually feel good about it, you feel fast, you feel like you are pushing and you are so damn glad you are out there. I looked at my garmin and i saw a 7+ minute pace ?? what they hey ? me ?? I stopped at 3 miles. Here are the stats...

3 miles - 28.38min
mile 1 - 10.11
mile 2 - 9.37
mile 3 - 8.51

should i have gone longer ? should i warm up before a race?


  1. I always warm up before a running race..always, it really helps. do about 15 minutes with some short, quick pick ups to wake your legs up (all of this is from my coach, so I am only telling you what she tells me).

    I try to warm up on with some swim strokes before a tri, but it isn't always possible.

  2. I don't warm up for long races because I want to be slower in the first miles, but I do warm up for a 5k. Lately my body has been sore and slow to get with the program for some reason too.

  3. I find the first 3km (2miles?) is always tough, no matter how long I'm going!! I just try to distract myself and not make any decisions about the run until I'm past that point!

  4. This is a very inspiring story to read, thanks for sharing more good thoughts. Nice blog too.


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