Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad food and bad planning

Well last night did not turn out as we planned b/c hubby DID NOT CHECK THE pool schedule before changing his date with me. You know we had a sitter so we could go out, I even got my hair done. He called saying he wanted to swim, that is fine, I will eat on my own (did at panera and was on the web), and I will meet you at the Y and film you swimming so you can see your stroke. Get to the Y before him and notice the lanes are mostly taken up by swim teams and such....hummm. a bit of background -hubby joined the Y and not the gym i go to b/c he thought it would be better. He arrives at Y and says oh yea I think that is the masters class in that lane and the swim team in all the others. He checks with front desk YES the lanes are all taken and he can't guess what our date is back on. Of course I have already eaten. Now I am not the most flexible of folks, so for me this is hard to just roll with. But I tried and I did, we went he ate and I got dessert. Some decadent peanut butter chocolate thingy in a martini glass and I ate it all. ALLLLLL of it.

I did spin this am and instead of getting a shake for recover the damn folks were having a bake sale for charity so I had to have some sort of butterscotch cookie, and then I had to finish the huge sugar cookie w icing that my little one couldn't finish, then I got a whole wheat bagel with butter b/c at that point I just threw healthy eating out of the window and the rest of the day sucked donkey balls. I get vertigo and had it a bit this AM but pushed threw it and did spin. However at around 3.30 I got it real bad and knew I had to lie down, of course I have 2 girls to watch so this doesn't work so well. I put a show on for them and I fall asleep, they turned it off when over and went to play on their own, I wake a bit later and disaster has struck. Their is dental floss making a trail all around, they have written in pen in the nursing stool cushion and then tried to clean it so it was soaking wet. ARGHHHHHHH. So I have a cough, headache, vertigo, 2 kids who don't respect anything in this house and have eaten like crap.

My question is do I blame all of this on that horribly wonderful dessert from last night that might have started my downfall and made me moody and cranky ? Or just chuck it up to having small kids ?? At least I got the spin class in. OH and hubby wanted to swim tonight but guess what NO lanes open...Y sucks, if he joined my gym he could have swam both nights.

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  1. Don't blame it on the dessert- it's your stage in life. Small kids, lots of juggling, winter, etc.

    Having that dessert now and then is not going to kill you and doesn't mean you're weak.

    trust me, I live with a health food freak! I am a normal freak about eating healthfully. We have NOTHING bad for you in our home. My daughter asked for a box of poptarts for Christmas-

    So, when we go out we occasionally indulge in something decadent. I'm sure when our kids are out they ALWAYS do.
    I guess my point is, don't beat yourself up about the food indulgence. It seems that MOST of the time you really try to eat right.
    Amen. I'm done preaching :)
    Have a good) better) weekend!


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