Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Revised workouts

The plan for last night did not happen, no workout yesterday, but I got a sitter today and was going to head to gym at 11 for swimming with ironlady, but ironlady had to cancel. No worries I will go to gym while sitter is here (so my formerly sick child can stay rested in order to attend school) I will run today, catch ironlady for swim tomorrow and spin on friday, then sat is the tri class, so I am still good, getting some workouts in.

Do you think a deep tissue massage could make you lose weight ? I swear to god i think I dropped 2 pounds after the massage. 2 pounds of toxins in my calves ??? is it possible ? or maybe just maybe my healthy eating is working and even though it is not perfect - the change is making a difference.

My daughter seems to be on the mend, fever free, energy BACK. Nebulized her, will give her the antibiotic right before school and send her off to be star of the week. wahoo.


  1. way to finagle/schedule the workouts!
    I just did the same over here. Kid coverage cancelled last minute, but found another option...and actually works better for my bike spin, run and weights I gotta fit in today;-)

  2. I think it is very well possible to lose weight after a massage. But, that's just me.


what are you triing

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