Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Intervals on the treadmill

Today was RUNNING. I knew I would be on the treadmill and I knew I had to do an interval workout. However, I don't have any interval workouts and I really like having something written out that I can follow. So I checked my blackberry for an email ironlady had sent out for a treadmill run to do when she was not around and I followed that.

Run for 30 minutes
first 8 min steady effort (i ran at 5.5- felt tired right away not sure why ??)
then 4 x (30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy) - i put hard at 6.5 and easy was back to 5.5, i was a bit bummed that I was not going faster
then 3 minutes of steady effort with a bit of incline
next 3x (2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy) i did the same speeds 6.5 for hard and 5.5 for easy
then run steady effort rest of time.

Anybody have some interval workouts they would like to share ???


  1. I think that looked like a pretty good workout!

  2. I do intervals weekly, and I changed them weekly. I do about 3 miles of intervals: 2X(6X400m), 6X800m, 2x1200+ 4X800, 5X1000m, and mile repeats.

  3. I did intervals on the dreadmill today too. I'll share mine:
    15' WU (5.5 mph)
    8'@6.3 mph
    2' rest interval (RI)@5.0
    2' RI
    2' RI
    7'@6.0 (but I did the last 2 minutes at 7.0 again)

    total 6-ish miles in an hour.

  4. I did interval run on the treadmill yesterday, and am feelin' it today!
    w/u ~15
    :20 sprint
    1:40 tempo

    cool down ~5
    I can't believe I did it all on a freakin' treadmill;-)

  5. i don'thave anything to share really. i usually do my intervals out on teh track. i only very rarely run on a treadmill and in that case, i do something like 2 or 3 minutes hard, 1 minute easy.


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